The Smallest Hotel Book of the World

Unique hotel & location concepts

The Smallest Hotel Book of the World

Unique hotel & location concepts

The Smallest Hotel Book of the World

Unique hotel & location concepts

The Smallest Hotel Book of the World

We are always on the lookout for new ideas, innovations and unique communication possibilities. Well, here it is THE SMALLEST HOTEL BOOK OF THE WORLD®. We released our first book edition in 2017 and we will soon reach 50,000 printed book copies.

Isn’t it the little things that characterize a hotel and service experience? The fresh flowers, the candles and the great service? And isn’t it the little deeds, the little encounters, the little courtesies that are remembered after staying in a unique hotel? This is what encouraged us to create THE SMALLEST HOTEL BOOK OF THE WORLD®.

This little, tiny design book, presents among other luxury brands, our UNYCU HOTELS Destinations from Hamburg, Berlin, Frankfurt, Heidelberg, Mannheim, Deidesheim, Munich, Baden-Baden and many more.

2019 we received the GERMAN DESIGN AWARD – special mention for the concept, the design, the innovation and for the idea. See Further awards followed: MEDIA AWARD and CREATIVITY AWARD (GOLD). See

The book is released every year in a new limited edition and is available in our UNYCU partner hotels and our online shop.



UNYCU uses many opportunities to get more Business into our Member Hotels. Events, Roadshows, Sponsoring’s or touristic exhibition’s and hospitality trade shows. What we, as an independent boutique hotel or event venue can´t achieve, we do together as a team. We all share the same passion at UNYCU.

Hotel bookings

One of our main goals at UNYCU, is to successfully promote our member hotels and maximize hotel or event bookings.

Social Media

With our UNYCU network and social media performance we offer our member hotels all kind of social media services. Whether it´s running a campaign or maximizing hotel bookings, you can find out more about UNYCU on Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter, LinkedIn and other social media platforms.


We create additional sales possibilities and stay in touch with our clients and partners and inform them about current offers and events in our UNYCU member hotels. In our exclusive newsletter we present trends, personalities, brands and much more content.

Exhibition fairs & trade shows

If requested, we can represent our UNYCU Member Hotels on several international Hospitality and Touristic trade shows. Such as: ITB, IMEX, ILTM, IBTM World, Best of Events, Locations and many more.


Unique hotels need unique marketing services for international success. UNYCU promotes that special factor that makes our member hotels unique. UNYCU bundles marketing topics to expand the network and attract new customers and guests. We offer a range of services such as: newsletters, sales, social media and events.


This exclusive Hotel network is for UNIQUE HOTELS only. As the name UNYCU means UNIQUE FOR YOU. All our UNYCU member hotels share the same hospitality passion (from Hotelier to Hotelier – from General Manger to General Manager – from Sales Department to Sales Department). What we do is to promote, market and lead unique, innovative and individual hotels to success.

More revenue

All our UNYCU sales & marketing activities are focused on one primary goal: more hotel bookings, which translated into maximum revenue for our Member Hotels.

Print campaigns

Our award-winning book THE SMALLEST HOTEL BOOK OF THE WORLD was launched in 2017 and won several prizes for the concept, the unique format, the design and the layout. We will reach the mark of 50,000 printed books in the year 2020. This tiny little (but very efficient) hotel book presents all UNYCU Hotel Members and is published in a limited yearly edition.

Online presentation

All our UNYCU member hotels, venues and locations are presented on our Homepage. The design is specifically minimalized to represent all hotel brands.

Events & Roadshows

Road shows are held at regular intervals to inform customers and partners in other destinations. Here, not only boutique hotels and leading event venues of the respective destinations are presented, but also brands and entertainment. We connect and form networks, we bring people and brands together. Boutique hotels, event venues as well as suppliers and agencies. We work together: from Hotelier to Hotelier – from General Manger to General Manager – from Sales Department to Sales Department.

Annual hotelier meeting

On a yearly basis all member Hotels get together to review the year, share experiences and talk about upcoming events and activities. All UNYCU member hotels can participate as well as our partners, investors and sponsors. One of the many highlights during the Meeting, is the forecast and presentation of topics such as World Travel Trends, Blockchain or Social Media. These topics are presented from Key-Note Speakers. The Meeting is always a great inspiration for all participants.

Hotel jobs

A unique hotel will only have success with a great, highly motivated and service-oriented team. Well, we can help with that and we call this recruiting campaign “we love what we do”. We at UNYCU Hotels offer hotel jobs in our member hotels all over the world. In all hospitality departments like reception, service, kitchen or management. Our member hotels use UNYCU to recruit new team members for their hotel. Find out more on UNYCU HOTEL JOBS.

Press & Media

We work together with various service providers and agencies that exclusively specialize in travel press. From the idea, to the headline to press text design, first contact and the best way of send a press release. We offer various Press & Media solutions for your UNYCU Member Hotels.


We created an action plan and list of over 200 points of how our UNYCU member hotels can contribute and support this very important issue. We believe every little deed is a small step to support and move into the right direction. With GREEYN we want to encourage our member hotels to integrate environmental practices and sustainability principles into their hotels.

More services on request

We can offer our Member Hotels a Full-Service-Membership and bring several other solutions such as: one-page Booking engine, increase of conversion rates, GDS connectivity, PMS Systems, Interfaces, Training, Management Services, website concepts including channel management, Homepage optimization, Branding or Hospitality Consulting (Food & Beverage Concepts, Events, Pre-Openings, Hotel planning’s).

List your Hotel

Sensation Hotels by unycu is a platform where unique, one-of-a-kind and individual hotels are presented. Our hotel members are characterized by an individual and authentic concept. Hotel segments: boutique, luxury & design.

The Smallest Hotelbook of the World - Design Award


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The Smallest Hotelbook of the World - Design Award