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Hotel Consulting

Since the “Corona Covid-19 crisis” many areas of public life, the way we live, the economy, and the hospitality industry have changed. The good news is: we are not going back – the world is changing faster than ever. The Challenging news for many is: the hospitality industry and many others must change to survive. We are now stepping into a time of reinvention – especially in the hotel and hospitality industry.

Aiming to increase profit margins and to optimize hotel processes, we advise individual hotels as well as entire hotel portfolios. We consult, advise and assist hotel owners, investors, developers, operators and senior executives on how to optimize hospitality investments and maximize profitability. Owners, management companies, brands and leaders turn to us to help improve operating performance. Our range of services extends from hotels and resorts to serviced apartments, branded residences, restaurants, event venues and other hotel and tourism-related businesses.

Our Consulting Services are based on experience, responsibility, creativity and a high level of passion and love for hotels and the hospitality industry. We can optimize your hotel or hospitality property during every phase, from investment to sale, from rebranding to restructuring.

Here are some of our Services

You are planning a hotel project? We analyze.

The first project idea: We check whether the available site is suitable for a hotel and if the competitive market conditions legitimate a new hotel or hospitality project.

This, in turn, depends on the right product – since not every hotel concept has a crowding-out potential. Therefore, the next important step is the operational concept of the hotel, the type and size of the operation and the definition of the operator’s concept. By applying a simplified economic forecast, we can give a first indication of the expected cash flow or lease potential. By doing so, the basis for finding the right hotel operator is set. We have excellent industry contacts; we can assist you in the search process of finding a suitable operator or provide support during negotiations and plannings.

You have a Hotel and are not happy with the results? We analyze.

We analyze the starting position of how a Hotel was operating before Corona Covid-19 and what future opportunities the market offers. We analyze: the Market, the Location, the competition and your hotel concept.

You are planning a Real Estate Hotel Investment? We search and connect.

For many years, hotel properties where in focus and growing attention from both institutional and private investors. We believe that times are changing. Not only the real estate factors determine the value of a hotel property. It´s a mixture of the location, the concept, the operator and the real estate facilities. We can help. Whether you are looking to invest, to sell or to optimize an existing hotel property. We can help you find a hotel operator, set up the management or find an investor.

You are planning a Hotel project:

We can support with finding a suitable Investor for your hotel project.

You own a Hotel and need an operation:

We can support by finding the right hotel operator for a sustainably profitable hotel.

We can give you strategic recommendations on key decisions and procedures – from operator selection and contract negotiations to budget and investment activities.

Do you need a hotel concept? We create concepts and have ideas.

The hospitality trends from the last few years are now out. It’s exciting times for us hotel developers. So, you are planning a hotel project and need a suitable hotel and hospitality concept that fits the location, the region, the city and neighbourhood? We can help. We provide full hospitality concepts. After we analyze and listen, we will present a full hospitality concept. We will develop an estimation of investment costs and perform more accurate profitability forecast. We know how hotels operate and we understand hospitality. We bring your idea and vision to life.

Re-structuring, Re-positioning or Re-Branding your hotel model? We develop.

We develop systems and processes while working alongside your team to implement changes that ensure sustained results. We develop tailor-made solutions for your hotel success. We deliver sustainable and measurable improvements. Rather than just deliver our findings and recommendations to you in report format, we can actively assist with implementation while coaching, training, and supporting leaders and managers.


We can check and support you in your hotel and hospitality operational processes and optimize performance. We work hand in hand with your team, always listening and reviewing revenue and expense centres, such as Housekeeping, Food & Beverage, Service, Front of House, Back of House and technical issues.

Do you need international advice? We have partners.

We advise you nationwide and make use of our international network of partners. Benefit from our extensive market knowledge and many years of “hands-on” experience. We offer an individual, tailor-made and goal-oriented consulting for your hospitality success.

Your need Sales, Marketing and Development support? We have the answers.

In today’s rapidly evolving technological environment, a trusted advisor and one who not only provides relevant insights but delivers a combination of strategic vision, expertise and practical experience can enhance the value of your hotel business. We help with Sales & Marketing and represent Hotels in our unique hotel portfolio at UNYCU HOTELS.

Revenue Management & Pricing

Typical Revenue Plans from the past are now over. Times are changing and so should you be changing your business model and business mix. Is your pricing model fit for the future? We can help you with the Revenue and pricing model.

We provide solutions to improve value and performance. Here are some of our services:

Hotel Consulting – for new hotel projects

  • Market Research
  • Advice on purchase, lease or investment
  • Plausibility Check
  • Business Analysis and Consulting
  • Hospitality Concepts (type, style, category …)
  • Pre-opening Marketing
  • Development Consulting

Hotel Consulting – for existing hotel projects

  • Sales & Marketing
  • Re-Positioning
  • Operations (Food & Beverage, Housekeeping, Front of House)
  • Revenue & Costs (reviewing revenue and expense centres)
  • Hotel Management
  • Guest Experience & Service
  • Uncover opportunities
  • Installation of hotel software, hotel controlling, personnel controlling
  • General Hotel and Hospitality Consulting Issues

Do you want to optimize your guest experience and uncover opportunities in your hotel operations process? Is your Hotel set up for the future?
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