Sensation Hotels by unycu is a platform in which Boutique Hotels, Design oriented Hotels and Luxury Hotels are presented. We call the hotels in our portfolio “Sensation Hotels”. Our member hotels distinguish themselves through the originality and authenticity of their concept: unique, one-of-a-kind and very individual.

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Sensation Hotels by unycu is a platform where unique, one-of-a-kind and individual hotels are presented. Our hotel members are characterized by an individual and authentic concept. Hotel segments: boutique, luxury & design.

The Smallest Hotelbook of the World - Design Award


17 reasons for a very special small book “The Smallest Hotel Book of the World”.  We were at various fairs, release parties and events. Often we were asked: why does “The Smallest Hotel Book of the World” exist? And why was it developed? We thought about this in advance and summarized the 17 reasons. But why 17? Sensation Hotels by unycu was founded in 2015 and our first edition of the book was launched in 2017. And therefore 17 reasons for “The Smallest Hotel Book of the World”.

Crypto Hotel

The Crypto Hotel is the first NFT Hotel worldwide. Our vision is to create the very first hotel which is 100% in the blockchain and powered by the Ethereum Blockchain. We believe blockchain and crypto are the future – this is what inspires and motivates us to create and develop this unique project. There is no other hotel in the world that is comparable to the Crypto Hotel. The “Crypto Hotel” is probably the trendiest hotel out there at this very moment. Because this hotel is digital, you can enjoy it anywhere and anytime you like.


This new book “The difference between FAKE HOTELS & REAL HOTELS” is about finding out the difference between fake hotel concepts and real hotel concepts. You will find over 120 tips, pictures, quotes, and statements of what a REAL HOTEL is all about and how it is managed, and what it takes to manage a REAL HOTEL. We will dive into the concept of creating a hotel, then we will move on to the stay in a hotel. We will also check out some hotel departments. And of course, some hotel secrets are also exposed.


Our goal at Sensation Hotels by unycu is to represent outstanding hotels that encompass a boutique, design or luxury character. Representing a portfolio with innovative, unique and one-of-a-kind Hotels also means taking responsibility for our environment and inspiring others to do the same.


Innovative hotels, a great creative spirit and privately-owned and managed Hotels. Here by UNYCU we say: YOU ARE PART OF IT. The team and the team spirit in the hotels plays a main role in the overall experience for the guest, client or partner during a stay. We have summarized our member hotels and vacancies together powered by Hotelcareer. We believe, all hotel jobs are like the hotels: special and unique. Unique for you. In this sense WE LOVE WHAT WE DO #welovewhatwedo


Anyone looking for individuality and diversity is in the right place with Sensation Hotels by unycu. Sensation Hotels by unycu connects hotels and locations throughout Europe and the World. Here the members share the same spirit: the passion for hospitality! In addition, they are fundamentally different and score points with their own strengths, whether it be conferences, exclusive events, bar evenings in a cozy atmosphere or high-quality hotel rooms.

When innovative hotel concepts, creative design and the love of hospitality meet, it creates the perfect foundation for membership. The very exclusive selected portfolio of hotels, event locations and restaurants guarantees the guest a perfect choice for inquiries of all kinds.


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      The Smallest Hotelbook of the World - Design Award


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