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Johannes Fritz Groebler


Dedicated to a Lifelong Passion in Hospitality

From the early days of my youth, a clear calling resonated within me: a career in the hotel industry. My journey in gastronomy commenced during my school years, engaging in temporary roles across services, caterings, and events. Undoubtedly, I was destined for hospitality.

Having successfully completed my hotel training and apprenticeship in the illustrious Hanseatic city of Lübeck, North Germany, within a Five-Star Hotel under the Radisson Hotel Group (, I gained comprehensive insights into various hotel departments. My exposure spanned Front Office, Reservations, Service, Kitchen, Housekeeping, Controlling, Purchasing, Sales, Marketing, Revenue, and beyond.

In 2005, armed with newfound knowledge and skills, I embarked on a trajectory of sales, marketing, and revenue endeavors. This phase encompassed pivotal areas such as sales acquisition, telephone marketing, key account management, sales trips, and sales calls. I evolved from a sales representative to a seasoned sales manager.

In 2008, the vibrant locale of St. Pauli, Germany’s Las Vegas, beckoned me to lead the sales, events, and business development activities at the prestigious EAST Hotel in Hamburg. Overseeing a conglomerate of trendy lifestyle establishments—restaurants, bars, event venues, and the upper east Club—I concurrently pursued a part-time Bachelor’s degree in Hospitality Management. This period marked not only numerous project developments but also invaluable connections with fellow hotel and catering experts.

By 2013, having garnered over five years of nightlife expertise with the EAST Group, I sought new horizons. Joining Erhard & Stern in Heidelberg, Baden-Württemberg (, I melded hotel and gastronomy expertise with intriguing real estate properties. This fusion birthed creativity, innovation, and hospitality under, culminating in the successful development of several hotels: SYTE, SUYTES, STAYTION, and the upcoming HIRSCHGASSE.

In 2017, following the positioning of these new hotel ventures, my vision expanded to forge connections with “one-of-a-kind” hotels, utilizing synergies and networks. Thus, Sensation Hotels by unycu — UNYCU translating to “unique for you” — was born. Currently uniting over 20 hotels in the design, boutique, and luxury segments (, our network includes distinguished establishments such as TORTUE Hamburg, KETSCHAUER HOF, ROOMERS Frankfurt, Baden-Baden & Munich, PROVOCATEUR Berlin, and many more.

In 2019, fueled by an enduring quest for novel sales and marketing avenues, I authored THE SMALLEST HOTEL BOOK OF THE WORLD®. The book showcased, among other luxury brands, our Sensation Hotels, earning us prestigious accolades, including the GERMAN DESIGN AWARD special mention, MEDIA AWARD, and CREATIVITY AWARD (GOLD).

Over the past two decades, my journey in the hotel and hospitality industry has encompassed diverse concepts—design hotels, boutique hotels, congress hotels, lifestyle hotels, business studios, apartments, budget hotels, event venues, congress locations, catering, restaurants, bars, cafés, and clubs. At Hotel Fritz  Consulting (, I extend my expertise to elevate guest experiences and optimize hotel performance.

For me, hospitality is not just a profession; it’s a REAL PASSION—one filled with exciting challenges, creativity, and boundless possibilities. I am privileged to love what I do and to be surrounded by encouraging and inspiring individuals—thank you.


Johannes Fritz Groebler



Embark on a distinctive journey with Sensation Hotels by unycu—a platform committed to showcasing hotels that redefine uniqueness, individuality, and one-of-a-kind charm. Within our thoughtfully curated collection, each hotel member stands out with an individual and authentic concept, embodying the core of hospitality innovation. Our diverse segments, spanning boutique, luxury, and design, promise a tailored and extraordinary stay for every guest. Welcome to a world where hotels transcend the ordinary, becoming vibrant expressions of singular and authentic experiences.

The Smallest Hotelbook of the World - Design Award