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Johannes Fritz Groebler


Johannes Fritz Groebler

It was always clear to me, even at an early age: I wanted to work in the hotel industry. My activities in gastronomy began during my school days: as a temporary worker in service, at caterings and events. YES, I WAS BORN TO BE IN HOSPITALITY.

I successfully completed my hotel training and apprenticeship in the Hanseatic city of Lübeck – North Germany in a Five Star Hotel (Radisson Hotel Group Here I was able to get insights into all hotel departments, such as: Front Office, Reservations, Service, Kitchen, Housekeeping, Controlling, Purchasing, Sales, Marketing and Revenue and many more.

2005, after completing my hotel training and apprenticeship, I was able to gain sales, marketing and revenue experience and map classic topics such as sales acquisition, telephone marketing, looking after key accounts, carrying out sales trips and sales calls. I gained my first experience as a sales representative and later as a sales manager.

2008, in “Germany’s Las Vegas” St. Pauli I was invited to lead the sales, events and business development activities of the EAST Hotel in Hamburg. Several trendy lifestyle Restaurants, Bars, Event venues and the upper east Club were a part of the EAST Group. In addition to the numerous and varied new openings and project developments, I completed a part-time Study course. I got to know many other hotel and catering experts. Degree: Bachelor in Hospitality Management. The hotel exam was successfully completed at the IHK Frankfurt am Main.

2013, after over 5 Years of nightlife experience in the EAST Group, it was time for a change. That’s when I signed at the Erhard & Stern company based in Heidelberg, Baden-Württemberg. Erhard & Stern had interesting real estate properties, and I was able to contribute with hotel and gastronomy know-how. An interesting combination of creativity, innovation and hospitality emerged. From the idea to the analysis and implementation, we successfully developed several hotels:

SYTE, a full-service boutique hotel including bar, restaurant, event rooms and cooking studio.

SUYTES, a studio apartment hotel

STAYTION music meets industry: an entertainment hotel where the subject of music is in the foreground. Music partners: Söhne Mannheims, Cosmo Pop, Enjoy Jazz, Sunshine Live, Mannheim School and BB Promotion. Rounded off with co-working spaces, office space and event rooms.

HIRSCHGASSE, a five-star property which is currently in development (Planned opening 2021/2022).

2017, after positioning the new hotel openings, I was able to create a new hotel network and deepen my hospitality vision of working together with “one-of-a-kind” hotels, use synergies between hotels and network. UNYCU HOTELS – which means “unique for you” was created. A hotel cooperation among like-minded people and hoteliers. Currently, UNYCU connects over 20 hotels in the design-, boutique-, and luxury segment.

For example:
TORTUE Hamburg (Member of Design Hotels)
KETSCHAUER HOF (Member of Small Luxury Hotels)
ROOMERS Frankfurt, Baden-Baden & Munich (Member of Autograph Collection and Design Hotels)
PROVOCATEUR Berlin (Member of Design Hotels)
And many more.

2019, always looking for new sales and marketing possibilities and special guest experiences I released the book THE SMALLEST HOTEL BOOK OF THE WORLD®. The book presents, among other luxury brands, our UNYCU HOTELS. 2019 we received the GERMAN DESIGN AWARD – special mention for the concept, the design, the innovation and for the idea. See Further awards followed: MEDIA AWARD and CREATIVITY AWARD (GOLD). See

Whether design hotel, boutique hotel, congress hotel, lifestyle hotel, business studios, apartments, budget hotel, event venue, congress location, catering, restaurant, bar, café, or club. In the last 20 years, I was able to develop and work with various hotel and hospitality concepts. My main goal was always to create, develop and position them and always optimize guest experience and performance. And these are the hotel consulting services I offer at UNYCU Hotel Consulting and UNYCU Business Consulting.

For me, working in the hotel and hospitality industry is a REAL PASSION. One of the only segments with so many exciting challenges, creativity and possibilities. I really love what I do, and I am blessed having encouraging and inspiring people, partners and clients around me. Thank you.

Johannes Fritz Groebler

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The Smallest Hotelbook of the World - Design Award


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The Smallest Hotelbook of the World - Design Award