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Welcome TO our SHOWROOM

We proudly present to you our SHOWROOM by UNYCU. This is where we present handpicked luxury brands, design, designers, solutions, innovations and excellence. Here at the SHOWROOM by UNYCU, everything is like nothing else. We celebrate anything unique, well designed, premium quality and innovative.

You will find inspiration in the many beautiful products and luxury brands with elegance and personality that you will find and see here. For example, the new – Mercedes-Benz S-Class. The SHOWROOM by UNYCU was created by and for people that share the appreciation for unique design, premium quality, creativity and innovation.

Be our guest, get inspired and take a virtual step into our SHOWROOM by UNYCU. We are very excited to welcome you. We can’t wait for your feedback and hope you will enjoy our new SHOWROOM by UNYCU as much as we enjoyed creating it for you. Follow us on social media for news and updates on new products and other SHOWROOM highlights. We are always on the lookout for new inspirations for our UNYCU HOTELS community around the world. For any recommendations or requests please send us a note at: showroom (at)

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UNYCU is a platform where hotels, event locations and catering concepts unite with the same vision. Our members are characterized by an individual and authentic concept. We are not off-the-peg hotels, but trendy and design-oriented. This is your concept too? Then you are exactly right with UNYCU. UNIQUE FOR YOU, so unique for you. Unique for our members as well as for our users and partners.

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