Sensation Hotels offers a distinctive platform for hotels seeking to elevate their identity and global presence. As a member, your hotel becomes part of an exclusive network of unique, boutique, and luxury properties, celebrated for their individuality and innovation. Our collaborative approach extends beyond conventional hospitality services, fostering a community where passion and creativity thrive.

Becoming a member hotel with Sensation Hotels means unlocking unparalleled opportunities for exposure, networking, and growth. We go beyond traditional hotel portfolios, offering a comprehensive suite of services including strategic marketing, social media amplification, and participation in prestigious events and exhibitions.

Joining Sensation Hotels is an invitation to showcase your hotel on a global stage, connect with like-minded professionals, and benefit from our collective marketing efforts. It’s an exclusive gateway to a world where uniqueness is celebrated, and success is cultivated through shared passion and collaboration. Embrace the extraordinary – become a member of Sensation Hotels and redefine your hotel’s narrative in the realm of hospitality excellence.

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Elevating your hotel experience with a suite of exclusive services, Sensation Hotels goes beyond traditional hospitality offerings. As a member hotel, you benefit from a dynamic network and a plethora of advantages designed to enhance your brand, increase bookings, and amplify your unique identity.

Networking: Join a community driven by passion and collaboration. Sensation Hotels organizes events, roadshows, sponsorships, and participates in exhibitions and hospitality trade shows to generate business for our member hotels. Together, as a team, we share a commitment to excellence and innovation.

Hotel Bookings: Our primary goal is to propel our member hotels to success. Sensation Hotels strategically promotes your hotel, ensuring maximum bookings and increased visibility in the competitive market.

Media: Leverage the power of our extensive Sensation Hotels network and Media presence. From running campaigns to maximizing bookings, our media services are tailored to elevate your hotel’s online presence.

Newsletter: Stay connected with clients and partners through our exclusive newsletter. We provide additional sales opportunities and keep stakeholders informed about current offers, events, trends, personalities, and brands within our Sensation Hotels member hotels.

Exhibition Fairs & Trade Shows: Represent your hotel on an international stage. If desired, Sensation Hotels can showcase your property at renowned hospitality and touristic trade shows worldwide, including ITB, IMEX, ILTM, IBTM World, Best of Events, Locations, and more.

Marketing: Unique hotels require unique marketing. Sensation Hotels promotes the distinctive elements that set our member hotels apart. From newsletters to sales, social media, and events, we offer a range of services to expand your network and attract new customers.

Propaganda: Exclusive to unique hotels, Sensation Hotels celebrates individuality. Our network, named Sensation Hotels, focuses on promoting, marketing, and leading unique, innovative hotels to success.

More Revenue: All Sensation Hotels sales and marketing activities revolve around a singular goal – securing more hotel bookings, translating to maximum revenue for our member hotels.

Print Campaigns: Experience the award-winning impact of our book, THE SMALLEST HOTEL BOOK OF THE WORLD. Launched in 2017, this unique publication showcases all Sensation Hotels member hotels and has garnered praise for its concept, design, and layout.

Online Presentation: All Sensation Hotels member hotels, venues, and locations are prominently featured on our homepage. The minimalist design effectively represents each hotel brand.

Events & Roadshows: Connect with customers and partners through regular roadshows held in various destinations. Sensation Hotels presents boutique hotels, leading event venues, brands, and entertainment, fostering connections and networks.

Annual Hotelier Meeting: Participate in our yearly gathering where member hotels review the year, share experiences, and discuss upcoming events. Keynote speakers present insights on topics like World Travel Trends, Blockchain, or Social Media.

Hotel Jobs: Recruit the best talent for your unique hotel through our “we love what we do” campaign. Sensation Hotels Hotels offers job opportunities in various departments globally, ensuring a highly motivated and service-oriented team for your success.

Press: Collaborate with specialized service providers and agencies exclusively focused on travel press. From idea to headline, press text design to distribution, we offer comprehensive Press solutions for the Sensation Hotels member hotels.

GREEYN: Join our initiative with over 200 action points, encouraging Sensation Hotels member hotels to integrate environmental practices and sustainability principles into their operations.

More Services on Request: Explore our Full-Service-Membership, offering additional solutions such as one-page Booking engines, increased conversion rates, GDS connectivity, PMS Systems, Interfaces, Training, Management Services, website concepts, Homepage optimization, Branding, or Hospitality Consulting (Food & Beverage Concepts, Events, Pre-Openings, Hotel planning’s). Sensation Hotels is dedicated to unlocking the full potential of your hotel’s success.


Embark on a distinctive journey with Sensation Hotels by unycu—a platform committed to showcasing hotels that redefine uniqueness, individuality, and one-of-a-kind charm. Within our thoughtfully curated collection, each hotel member stands out with an individual and authentic concept, embodying the core of hospitality innovation. Our diverse segments, spanning boutique, luxury, and design, promise a tailored and extraordinary stay for every guest. Welcome to a world where hotels transcend the ordinary, becoming vibrant expressions of singular and authentic experiences.

The Smallest Hotelbook of the World - Design Award