Sensation Hotels by unycu

Step into the extraordinary world of Sensation Hotels by unycu, where the essence of hospitality is redefined through innovative concepts, unique experiences, and a commitment to excellence. Led by Johannes Fritz Groebler, Sensation Hotels brings together a curated collection of exceptional properties that stand out in the realms of design, boutique, and luxury.

At the heart of the Sensation Hotels concept is a collaborative effort among like-minded hoteliers, united in their pursuit of delivering unparalleled guest experiences. Founded in 2014, Sensation Hotels by unycu has grown into a global network that transcends boundaries, connecting hotels from various corners of the world.

Each property within the Sensation Hotels portfolio is handpicked for its distinctiveness and individuality. From the cosmopolitan vibes of Tortue Hamburg to the intimate charm of Ketschauer Hof, every hotel is a testament to thoughtful curation and a commitment to quality.

The annual publication of “The Smallest Hotel Book of the World” since 2017 showcases all listed hotels, providing a glimpse into the world of Sensation Hotels. This prestigious book not only serves as a compendium of exceptional properties but also underlines the uniqueness and diversity that defines the Sensation Hotels experience.

Recognized with accolades such as the GERMAN DESIGN AWARD – special mention and awards like the MEDIA AWARD and CREATIVITY AWARD (GOLD) from the USA, Sensation Hotels by unycu is not just a collection of hotels but a celebration of design, innovation, and genuine hospitality.

One of the distinguishing features of Sensation Hotels is its emphasis on authenticity. In 2021, Johannes Fritz Groebler authored “The difference between FAKE HOTELS & REAL HOTELS,” a book that delves into the world of genuine hotel concepts that prioritize design, quality, and service. This publication reflects the commitment of Sensation Hotels to setting industry standards and promoting authenticity in the hospitality sector.

Whether it’s a design hotel, boutique hotel, or a luxury retreat, Sensation Hotels by unycu redefines the guest experience. The concept goes beyond providing accommodation; it aims to create memories and offer immersive experiences that linger long after the stay.

Sensation Hotels by unycu is not just a collection of hotels; it’s a philosophy, a commitment to elevating the standards of hospitality. As a guest, you’re not just welcomed into a hotel; you’re embraced by an ethos that values individuality, creativity, and the pursuit of genuine connections. Welcome to Sensation Hotels by unycu, where each stay is an extraordinary journey waiting to be discovered.


Our guests turn to our hotel portfolio to discover unique and unparalleled hotels, venues, and experiences.


Our mission is to proudly curate and represent unique, innovative, and authentic hotels with a design, boutique, and luxury character in diverse destinations.


Embark on a distinctive journey with Sensation Hotels by unycu—a platform committed to showcasing hotels that redefine uniqueness, individuality, and one-of-a-kind charm. Within our thoughtfully curated collection, each hotel member stands out with an individual and authentic concept, embodying the core of hospitality innovation. Our diverse segments, spanning boutique, luxury, and design, promise a tailored and extraordinary stay for every guest. Welcome to a world where hotels transcend the ordinary, becoming vibrant expressions of singular and authentic experiences.

The Smallest Hotelbook of the World - Design Award