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Business Consulting



UNYCU Business Consulting is a boutique business consultancy. One of our commitments is to support our clients to achieve their primary goals. We support and help our clients to improve efficiency, effectiveness, service, sales, marketing, development and reach higher levels of competence.

We strongly believe in uniqueness. Our Clients are unique, our projects are unique and the way we work and deliver our services is unique. We are passionate about everything that we do and in every project that we participate in. We love what we do – and we are convinced that our advice and our solutions can only be satisfying if we are satisfied with the results ourselves. This is another UNYCU Business Consulting commitment. Our goal is to solve problems or situations, to achieve our client’s business vision and optimize performance.

UNYCU Business Consulting offers a unique combination of management consulting with experience in operations, marketing, sales, production and cost engineering. We offer our clients quality service by analyzing processes and procedures. Our main aim is to provide a service experience that exceeds our client’s expectations.

What makes UNYCU Business Consulting special is not only the service that we offer, it is the people and business partners we have and work together with. We bring a range of partnerships that help us achieve goals and targets in many situations. Due to our strong network, this is exactly why we can offer a service and an improvement specific to our client’s needs. We can create and coordinate efficient cross-functional business consulting and project teams (if required) to be able to achieve the requirements of any unique project. But more important than that: We work together with your team and we listen to improve and develop for future plannings.

Whether you need strategic recommendations, business development consultation, sales & marketing support or operations, we will be delighted to set up a tailor-made proposal.

All Business Consulting Projects are led by Johannes Fritz Groebler, who has many years of luxury hospitality industry, marketing, branding, development and consulting experience. We work with several business partners and this enables us to provide solutions that are both practical and implementable with a deeper level of content, setting us apart from other consulting firms. We never offer mass solutions nor do we sell; we listen and advise. Our Team is dedicated to the success of our clients and their businesses. We will provide the most robust solutions to improve our client’s business.

We develop specific and perfectly tailor-made solutions to brands, institutions, companies, individual profiles, company owners, senior managers or CEOs. We deliver concrete results.

Here are some of our solutions

Business Segments

  • Retail Trade & Commerce
  • Hospitality
  • Travel
  • Development
  • Research & Education
  • Production
  • Real Estate
  • Transportation
  • Media
  • Luxury Products & Brands
  • Agencies
  • Events


  • Project Management
  • Development
  • Marketing
  • Sales
  • Operations
  • Service
  • Production
  • Administration
  • Management


A company or organization has a Problem XY. The company or organization has tried several activities to perform better and improve results. Nothing provided any positive results. UNYCU Business Consulting was appointed to consult and improve the situation.

And this is how:

UNYCU Business Consulting will give you an outside perspective of your company or organization. We will give you honest feedback about the current situation and we can present strategies for growth and a possible solution for your problem. We will check and prove results and follow up.


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