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Our goal at UNYCU HOTELS is to represent outstanding hotels that encompass a boutique, design or luxury character. Representing a portfolio with innovative, unique and one-of-a-kind Hotels also means taking responsibility for our environment and inspiring others to do the same.

As a hotel group and marketing association, we cannot change all hospitality environmental behaviors. We cannot be held responsible for the behavior of our member hotels nor can we set up fixed guidelines. But we can encourage our member hotels to integrate environmental practices and sustainability principles. And this is what GREEYN is all about.

GREEYN is definitely not another green-washing eco-label. GREEYN is not about being perfect and changing all hotel operational systems which might already be running successfully. GREEYN is about taking first steps, doing something, taking the first responsibility and influencing others to support us in our efforts. We believe it’s not too late.

Join us, start acting and contribute! Ask yourself the question: what am I doing for the environment at home? How can I contribute in the office or at work? Is the way I travel, drive, eat and live sustainable?

We created an action plan and list of over 200 points of how our UNYCU member hotels can contribute and support this very important issue. We believe every little deed is a small step to support and move into the right direction. The more people are conscious about it, the more good happens, and the better it all gets. Some examples of how hotels can contribute:

  • waste reduction and prevention
  • energy efficiency
  • reduction of water usage
  • environmentally friendly purchasing of products and services
  • environmental education and motivation of employees to be environmentally friendly
  • considerate usage of resources when travelling
  • and much more…

In addition to the hotel presentation on, the GREEYN tab also shows what the respective member hotel is doing for the environment. At least five points must be fulfilled to participate. For more information on our GREEYN initiatives, please contact us at greeyn (at)

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SYTE Mannheim

SYTE Mannheim

The SYTE Mannheim is located in the very heart of the city between the famous Mannnheimer Watertower and Main Railway Station. The building structure is a listed cultural landmark and stands out with its red hewn natural stone facade. The interior is in English Transitional Design-comfortable and relaxed with its mix of modern and traditional elements.

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UNYCU is a platform where hotels, event locations and catering concepts unite with the same vision. Our members are characterized by an individual and authentic concept. We are not off-the-peg hotels, but trendy and design-oriented. This is your concept too? Then you are exactly right with UNYCU. UNIQUE FOR YOU, so unique for you. Unique for our members as well as for our users and partners.

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