About UNYCU hotels

Design is not making beauty, beauty emerges from selection, affinities, integration, love

Louis Khan

If you are seeking boutique hotels, personalized design experiences and exclusivity whenever and wherever you’re travelling, well, then you’re at the right place with UNYCU. The name UNYCU stands for UNIQUE FOR YOU – therefore original for you.

UNYCU represents an exclusive portfolio of hotels & venues, spanning from Europe to South America, with more destinations coming soon. Our well selected boutique, design and luxury hotel members and venues don’t follow trends. They make them. A perfect example is the Roomers Hotels Group in Frankfurt, Baden-Baden and Munich.

All of our carefully selected UNYCU Member Hotels are all managed with an individual touch like the SYTE Hotel in Mannheim. All Member Hotels offer a creative and innovative concept. Our heritage hotels offer an outstanding one-of-a-kind experience in leading destinations. For example, the LOUIS C. JACOB Hotel in Hamburg. Check out our portfolio and see for yourself.

Unique Hotels need unique Marketing campaigns to be successful. And this is what we offer to our UNYCU Member Hotels. We combine our Sales & Marketing activities to grow our exclusive international Network of Leading hoteliers, agencies and clients.

The lasting influence of environmental perspectives play an important role in our collaborations. We call our efforts GREEYN.


Our guests use our UNYCU hotel portfolio to find unique and one-of-a-kind hotels, venues and experiences.


Our mission is to proudly select and represent unique, innovative and authentic hotels with a design-, boutique- and luxury character in many destinations.

Creative people behind UNYCU

Johannes F. Groebler

Founder & Hotelier

Hotel Spirit

Magnifiziert (magnetized) und Hypnotisiert (hypnotized) von der Hotellerie und Gastronomie entstand UNYCU

Sarah Lutz

Marketing & Events

Passion for events

Marketing: Kommunikation ist der Schlüssel zum Erfolg

Sabina Giese

UNYCU Contractor Italy

Love to Travel

Reisen, Kultur und Genuss weltweit mit der Suche nach neuen Trends

Frank König


Member: Deutscher Fachjournalisten Verband

Timm Haas

UNYCU Web Developer

You are your only limit

Self-employed, traveler, photography


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